Knitting ADD

I can't seem to focus on any of the 142 projects I seem to have adopted. I'm all twitchy looking for the yarn for Green Gable. I cast a swatch in the Cotton Fleece, but I'm not lovin' the feel, so I'm going to grab a skein of Cascade Sierra tomorrow and swatch that up and see what happens.

Then there are the Hippo socks. I got a new needle for them last night and now I have to do a swatch to make sure I get gauge so I don't have another debacle like the last attempt. I joined the Pomatomus KAL and now I feel like I really need to get moving on them so I don't start getting demerits. I don't want them to kick me out of the club.

Which leads us to MP. I'm just barely beyond the rib on the 2nd cuff and am on row 3 of the pattern. I don't want to completely drop them in a corner because I'm afraid I won't come back to them, and I'm sure Stick would like them eventually.

So, I think for the most part I'm going to work on starting GG and start on the Hippos. (Sorry Stick! I won't forget!). Tomorrow is going to be a whirlwind jaunt through Old Town to hit Springwater and KH, then off to watch the boys play with tools. I wonder if they'll have their tool belts out. Hmmm.

P.S. - Psst! This was my 100th post!

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Stick said...

W'HOO!! 100 Posts *confetti falling here*