Before and After


It's almost 2:00 p.m. EDT. Coverage just started for Martinsville but I have to leave the house in an hour and a half to head to RFK. Conflict at its finest.

Well, truth be told, it isn't MUCH of a conflict. It's the beginning of the 11th season of MLS and a DC United home opener, especially versus the archenemy, does take precedence over any televised race. Now, if it was up against me having tickets for Daytona or Charlotte or something...that's a whole other story.

Yesterday was spent on a whirlwind tour around Alexandria, visiting both S'water and KH. I don't even want to think about adding up the receipt totals. All I can say is I'd better get my refund check SOON! I cast on Green Gable this morning with Cascade Sierra in a blue-grey, and finally sucked up and got the Alpaca/Silk for the Somewhat Cowl, though it's somewhat further down on my list of projects to cast on. I also picked up smaller needles so I could get the Hippo-pomatomus socks on gauge.

I only just confessed this to myself yesterday, but I'm going to have to frog Thorn. All of it. It's just too stretchy. The vneck is just a smidge too stretchy. So since I have to pull it all out, I'm debating whether to make it sleeveless or not. I just don't know if I can bear to look at all that grass green again for a while.

...and After

Wow, we didn't play well at all. Managed to tie it up at 2 in the 2nd half and the game ended in a tie. There were a ton of Scum supporters that came down and good for them. We could get 1000 people to travel for free, too. It was great seeing Steph (and Jeff) today for the game. I don't know if Jeff had a good time or not; Steph is used to that kind of insanity. At the same time she's more than a little bitter about losing the Quakes to Houston. She'll still be around for Chivas next week, so she'll get to pack in a little more soccer into her spring.

Chimmie managed to hold on for third place at Martinsville and regained the point lead. I'll take it.

Still working on GG (henceforth known as Gigi), but I keep having to tink back in the lace section b/c I keep messing something up apparently. Math is hard.

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