Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My patented self-portrait double-chin. Ain't it a beaut? Steph and I were exploring the inner-workings of the fabulous MetroBus system, bouncing our way back into midtown from the zoo last week, on our way to Alexandria.

We did quite a bit of pondering on our level of girliness, or lack thereof. She's way better off than I am. Despite spending ten bucks on new lip goo, I just think that in my mid-thirties, I'm still a tomboy at heart. I'm so much more comfortable in khakis and a tee shirt and a baseball hat than I am in cute shoes and makeup. I need a girly intervention.

And, in another fit of bad bloggerdom, I realized that I didn't take a picture of the groovy thanks-for-letting-me-spend-the-night-at-your-place present she brought me. I've never delved into the whole clog-making world but I may have to give it a go. It's a couple of skeins of Cascade 220 in a snazzy rust color and a couple of skeins of Noro Kureyon. I've bundled it all up safely for later use.

As for active knitting, yesterday I got through the first repeat of the Hippos, did the needle shift as prescribed and started to work my way around. Then I looked down and saw something that no knitter wants to see: a loop. A loop seven rows down. Not attched to anything. I looped a stitch holder through it and patiently tinked back to fix it. Finally got everything back under control around 2 a.m. I lost a full day of knitting but at least I'm back on track.

Igor doesn't want to talk about it.

Tonight a handful of us girls checked out Pub Quiz night at the new neighborhood Irish bar. We didn't do particularly well, but I think we're going to try again. They have Boddington's on tap so I'm happy (fish & chips wasn't very good though).


Stick said...

Steph can come stay at my house if that's what she leaves behind!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks! An excuse to buy new yarn AND visit...!

knit_n_nascar said...

Careful - she'll make you start your 7th catbed.