Law & Order: Special Stalkers Unit

Docket number 3711.8

Plaintiff: Poor little old lady
Defendant: Holly

The charge*: stalking, assault, petty larceny

See, Hol and I went to the Caps last home game of the season tonight and at the end, the players gave their game-worn jerseys to select members of the crowd. This cute little old lady got herbabydaddy's jersey, much to Hol's dismay. After whimpering about it for a while, we left the arena to Metro home. When we got off at Pentagon City, the woman with herbabydaddy's jersey was right in front of us.

Have you ever had to physically restrain a friend from mugging a little ol' lady for a sweaty jersey? No? Well, you haven't lived. For the record, the Caps won, 6-4.

The rest of my weekend was tame by comparison. DCU took on the Dynamo and won 2-0 (go team go) and brunch at Joan's was fun and tasty (mmmm, more monkey bread).

As far as knitting goes, I'm about 8 repeats into a 17-repeat section on Gigi. I don't think it really looks any different than the last round of photos, so I'll spare you. My plan is to finish this section of Gigi before I dig up Kitty Pi.

The bad news here at Chateau Garfield is that seem to have a new four-legged friend, and NOT the good variety. I was doing dishes the other day and came across some little mousey droppings. I think he's made a couple of forays into my room and THAT gave me creeps enough to keep me up until 5:00 a.m. the other day.

* No, Holly wasn't really charged with roughing up Granny. Yes, I did have to restrain her through the Pentagon City metro station and the first story of the mall.


LauraRN said...

Ooooh. I hate them little critters. We had them in our townhouse, and discovered they were coming in along the gas line to the stove. Glue pads were the only thing that worked.

Wendy said...

That Holly. It's a good thing you were there to keep her legal! ;-)

Karin said...

Hi, Popped over to check out your blog. Thanks for the welcome (Pom Socks and Green Gables). Looks like you're flying through both! I love your colour choice for the Pomatomus socks - still waiting on my yarn. I'll check back once in a while to see your progress :).

Phyl said...

H should have taken her out. I just want to know why they didn't take more off. Seriously, that was no special thank you.

knit_n_nascar said...

All these comment!! I'll have to keep Holly out of jail more often.