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Mama said There'd be Days like This...

When I walked into the office this morning and the door swung back unexpectedly, knocking my large iced coffee out of my hand and onto the carpet in the reception area, I should've just turned around and gone back home. If only I'd known then what I know now...

All in all, it wasn't a horrible day. It's just that at 45 minutes til quitting time, I was reminded of something that had to be ready the next day and a simple task that should've taken fifteen minutes ended up taking over six hours. The only good thing about it is that a lot of that time was spent waiting around for software to download so I got a fair amount of work done on Sniffy II. I only have about 3" of the lace left to go before I start the cuff. Is it possible that I'll have two more FOs by this weekend? Only time will tell.

I didn't manage to take any pictures of my Independence Day. It was spent with friends (both human and canine) at a cookout around the way. It was an extremely lazy day with good food, an unfortunate thunderstorm that took out the dish during the WC game. I did manage to give Sis her Mookie Pi (if only I'd taken a picture of her wearing it as a 'rasta hat'). We're still waiting to see if Mookie is gonna go for it - apparently she did some sort of Hokey Pokey, you-put-your-right-paw-in, you-take-your-right-paw-out kind of dance with it last night. I've been promised pictures if she ever actually crawls in.


Holiday Block Party

After searching my room high and low looking for signs of Sniffy I - not to mention the 4:00 a.m. bedtime - I finally found it the next day snuggled up under my unfinished Gigi. I decided to take that as a sign to finish her once and for all. Lookie! She's being wetblocked as we speak. Hopefully something magical happens and she actually ends up fitting. If not, it's off to Frog Island.

Truth be told, part of the kick in the pants was the release of the July issue of MagKnits. I'm tempted by the Ballet Camisole, despite the potential chestical issues, and I told myself I couldn't cast it on until I finished up Gigi, so there you have it. I think I'll even use the yarn from the Project Formerly Known as Thorn for B.C. so I can maintain my yarn diet (day 2 and I was already jonesin' for a fix).

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! My Big Sis's birthday present is finis! I like the way it turned out, I only hope Mookie and her mama feel the same.

Project: Mookie Pi
Pattern: Wendy's Felted Kitty Bed aka Kitty Pi
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky in Blue Magic (2) & Silver/Grey (1); slightly less than all 3 skeins
Needles: Size 11 Denise Interchangables
Started: June 25, 2006
Completed: July 1, 2006 (wow, that's pretty good for me)
Modifications: I made the sides a little higher than called for and left off the frou frou edging. Sis claims that Mookie isn't that kind of girl

In other knitting news, I'm on the leg part of Sniffy II and it's pretty much my commuter project. More importantly I have to get crackin' on Penny. The World Cup is over on Sunday and I've gotta have that sucker knit and sewn together by then. If I can get the main part of the knitting done by Thursday night, I'll consider myself in good shape.


Almost Forgot

Here's my Saturday Sky:
Not one of the more exciting skies we've had lately, but at least we can see some blue skies and occasionally the sun. Unfortunately, it's a WC semifinal day so I'm spending the majority of the day indoors. At least I should turn the heel on Sniffy II.


Who'd've Thunk?

It's late-ish Friday night, and I just cast off Mookie Pi. She's currently in a hottub (i.e. washing machine) with a few towels and now I'll just have to wait and see how she felts up. No, I didn't felt a test swatch - I'm a rebel; I live by my own code. Undoubtedly this code will involve cranky tears in about 20 minutes but we'll see. I'm sure I also should've waited until tomorrow morning, but if I can get it blocking tonight, there's a fighting chance it'll be dry in time for the birthday girl. [Note: just started running it through the 2nd time. I'm trying to get rid of the stitch definition - hopefully the second wash will help with that]

Despite being no where near done with an actual pair of socks, I'm right on my own personal schedule of casting off UglyBroad #1 yesterday. Ends aren't woven, of course, but she's off needles. I'm almost at the heel turning point of Sniffy 2, so I think I'll work on that so at least I have one finished pair of socks and then I'll cast on UB #2 and maybe that toe-up sock I mentioned with the cool sock yarn my SP got me.

Speaking of socks, I got my STR in the mail today. Ain't it purty? The Jasper colorway is for a pair of socks for Steph; I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the Saratoga. I finally had to force myself to stop fondling it and set it aside to finish up Mookie Pi. I'd been considering taking a picture of my sock yarn stash, but then I saw Wendy's and decided I wasn't quite ready to run with the big dogs yet.

Watching qualifying (though I already know Chimmie is rolling off 9th tomorrow night). He's running this funky Shamu car for the Pepsi 400 - I do love the Lowe's car so it's gonna be weird to look for a different paint scheme on the track. I'm sure I'll make do.