Aside from the aborted landing on my arrival at ATL, my trip was relatively uneventful. No issues with security, no issues with fellow passengers. Trip was entirely uneventful. My tummy has been relatively uneventful too, thank goodness.

Thursday went off pretty much as planned. We stopped at The Varsity on our way home from the airport - yummy chili dogs, HUGE parking deck for a drive-in of all places but fun. We then proceeded to spend, oh, 3 hours at Why Knot Knit? We were both desperately searching for a reason to buy yarn - we eventually walked out with a few hanks. I got yarn to try this pattern by Berroco. We'll see how it goes.

After that, we went to the 5 Seasons Brewpub to meet Stick's friend Steve for drinks. She hadn't seen him since she moved back south so it was good for them to check-in. Then we went to a restaurant that I've completely forgotten the name of. Three Dollar Cafe, maybe? Anyway, they didn't have their liquor license so they were sending people next door to buy booze and then they could bring it in and consume it. Random yet hilarious!

Yesterday was the Georgia Aquarium. The first, say, two-thirds were rather disappointing but the Ocean section and the tropical fish section (I'll get the real names later) were really impressive. The ginormous glass wall in the Ocean section was unbelievable; my pictures won't even do it justice. I'll upload when I get home.

So far the weather forecast is calling for rain tomorow and Monday. I am NOT amused.

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