Mental health...?

Not so much.

I took Friday off work originally as a mental health day. I've had a cold off and on...well, forever. Then I somewhat foolishly decided that since I was taking the day off anyway, I might as well go get my hair done. Four hours and $100 later...well, at least it's straight. I'm not crazy about the cut, I HATE the length but at least it should be managable in two weeks for the schlep to Atlanta. We shall see.

In a rather foolhardy move, I stayed up til 4:00 Friday morning watching WarGames (which I'd never seen beginning to end) and casting on Mystery Project (MP). I knocked out a few rows while getting my hair done, but I kept passing out under the hair dryer. After I finally finished up on U Street, I headed down to Knit Happens for Knit 'n' Nosh. Getting there at 4:00 is really the way to go. Plenty of time for wine, drooling over Carl E. and semi-bonding with Steph over NASCAR (despite her dislike for -immie, but who doesn' thate -immie these days).

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame. Watched a lot of TV, did a fair amount of knitting. I worked on Mimi from Knitty but a) he's not done and b) my workmanship is a wee bit shoddy. Shocking. Even Igor can't be bothered to check out Mimi.

The rest of the weekend was pretty tame. My big sis had some people over last night to help clear out her wine rack and being the kind hearted, generous and giving people we are, we rushed over to lend a helping corkscrew. Today was brunch and Shag, to start the season right.

Apparently we're roadtripping to Memphis this year. I'm not responsible for this.

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Stick said...

Is that a picture of the Mystery Project???