Comfy pants

Nothing like the delicate swish-swish serenade of comfy corduroy pants to make a gal comfy.

Of course, could live without the chub rub, but whatevah.

I just finished turning the heel of MP1 - again. I feel that under normal circumstances, one should only have to turn two heels per pair of socks, but I've always liked to do things differently. I'm a rebel that way. I had to ask Stick to remeasure her feet since when I frogged the sucker yesterday, I forgot to make a note of how long the foot should be. I'm just that clever - what can I say?

I think I'm going to have to start working on something else non-socklike while I struggle my way through MP. It's almost April - Stick's not going to want to wear wool socks before October anyway, right?

I cast on Lucy Lu while I was in Atlanta with some this Berroco Softwist in a dark green. It knits up super loose (of course, b/c I'm substituting yarn) but I'm going to keep trying with it for a while and see what happens. This photo doesn't really do it justice - makes it look too shiny, but that's it more or less it. And then I really want to cast on Pomatomus with my Cherry Tree Hill blue stuff. You know how I love to cast on.

I think I need to set new mini-goals for myself a la the Knitting Olympics. I work so much better with I have a deadline. Of course, for right now, I can blame Stick for her incomplete Jaywalkers. After all, I can't really do anything until she tells me how long her foot is, now can I?

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Stick said...

9 & 3/4 inches