A frog, a hippo and a lemming walk into a bar

A frog...

I decided I have to frog the Pomatomus sock. My yarn overs are wonky and I tried to pull it over my chubby calf and it had to do some MAAAAAAAAAAAAAJOR stretching. I still love the yarn and the pattern but it just needs to be worked larger.

...a hippo...

So, as I said, I'm recasting on that sucker. I have to buy new needles; I don't have a size 2 circular. I also joined the Pomatomus KAL today, or at least sent the mail to join it. We'll see what happens.

...and a lemming...

When I was at Borders today, I picked up The DaVinci Code (it's finally out in paperback). I managed to resist it through all of the 30% off sales and the mini-clubs devoted to swearing this is the greatest book ever for as long as I could, but I finally just decided to throw my $7.99 at Mr. Brown and be done with it.6

...walk into a bar

Tonight was Bob Saget's twin's birthday din-din at Rio Grande. Mmmm, quesadillas and sopapillas. Had a SHIT day at work so the margarita-rocks-salt certainly helped get over the hump.

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Candace said...

Welcome to the Pomatomus KAL! We're glad to have you.
I've really enjoyed poking around your blog. I'm particulary happy to see someone else post music picks... I'm a jack Johnson fan, myself.