T minus 4 days and counting

Four days until I head down to Hotlanta - I can't wait! A little water main break under Chain Bridge earlier this afternoon severely curtailed any illusions I had of getting some pre-vakay laundry done this afternoon.

My weekend was good, but fairly low-key. Friday night I did a little emergency shopping and had dinner with Melyssa & her friend. Saturday M & I went to Costco to buy B products then I lounged with Pammy and Angus and did a little work on MP. She's working on her Zeeby's bag and is well on her way to being thoroughly addicted. Pete called while I was over there - he's doing well in A-stan but is really bored. P & I are both okay with him staying bored. We watched Rent (the movie) while I was over there, and we're planning on getting tickets to the stage show at the Warner. The movie...well, I think it would've been okay if I hadn't seen the stage performance, but it was just weird. Can't wait to see the stage show again now that I finally know all the lyrics.

Today was another musical theater kind of day. After hanging out with E earlier today for movies and knitting, I dashed up to the Hill to see Jon K. in "Jesus Christ Superstar" performed by the St. Mark's Players. It was really hard for me to put Jonny aside as the guy I know and focus on Peter, the character was playing. I'd definitely go see another performance; I know they're doing "Bye Bye Birdie" but that's not until next Spring.

You'll note that I didn't say anything about watching the Vegas race. I'm actually watching it Tivo'd now. Kenseth and Jimmie are running 1, 2 - I figure that's how they'll finish barring anything extraordinary. Caution. Okay, only 20 more minutes of Tivo time people - I'd better get the checkered flag.

Umm, I just pulled a muscle in my ass jumping around like a crazy person. Jimmie passed Kenseth (sorry Bec), coming off turn 4 in a PERFECT replica of Carl in Atlanta or himself in Charlotte! W'HOO!

My ass really hurts.

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Stick said...

GO JIMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!