Playing Catch-Up

I don't even know where to start.

A week ago, I flew down to Atlanta to set off on this first of this season's camping trips - Camp Hedon. Leaving out the vast majority of the dirty details, it was a pretty good time, more or less. I spent the first 36 hours being my usual socially-awkward freak self and pretty much regretting the fact that I made the trek to north-central Georgia. My gut reaction was that C should've gone back to this first one on her own to do her whole reacquainting thing before I could expect her to even pretend to provide the handholding I need when surrounded by 150 strangers. I should've stuck with my gut.

At the end of the day, it was all good. I finally relaxed, got to know the small handful of people that C deemed worthy and had a great time for the latter half of the camping trip. I'm completely overwhelmed with mosquito bites and dirty laundry and stories that can't be repeated in polite company. Not to mention the rather intense game of Izzy Dizzy (which I always called Dizzy Bat - now I know the error of my ways). I think we need to all take a moment to admire the fact that B&S (our lovely host and hostess) have an outdoor tiki bar - complete with ceiling fans, neon beer signs, and a kegerator.

Not a whole lot of news on the knitting front. A bit of work on MP on the flights to and fro, but that's about it. I did use C's ballwinder to wrap up the yarn to finish up Hippo. In an ideal world, I'll finish up both Hippo & Gigi this weekend. And I should prolly knock out the birthday girl's socks. But I'm only one woman, so we'll see.


Yvonne said...

WELCOME HOME! You were missed. :)

Stick said...

But if you'd stuck with your gut, you'd never have the memory of Opie spilling red froo froo drinks on his belly!!!!

Heather said...

What? No time?? You can't clone yourself??? Don't you wish you could though? I'd have one clone for knitting... one clone for sewing... one clone for cleaning... one clone for work... one clone for school... and I'd spend my days sleeping while yet another clone did nothing but exercise to get the rest of the mes svelte. LOL