When an old injury flares up

An old knitting injury, that is. The right-side of my shoulder/neck has been all twitchy for the last day or so. It's more likely the result of stress or bad knitting posture (not to mention the season finale of Lost last night) than the return of my Knitting Olympics gimpitude, but it's still not making me very happy.

In other knitting news, I didn't even THINK about picking up Gigi last night. Packing desperation took over every semi-functioning brain cell I have. Of course, when will I learn that I'm only going to wear my favorite pair of shorts, 5 shirts, and 2 long sleeve shirts all weekend anyway?

I head off to Hotlanta in a little under six hours for my first AH4 encounter. I'm still not sold on this whole flying-to-camp thing. I mean, how can I POSSIBLY take everything I need to go camping on an airplane? That doesn't even sound right.

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