525,600 Stitches

I just realized that in all of the Sheep and Wool frenzy I may have neglected to mention that I went to see RENT with EJ and Pam. P, Stick and I had gone to see RENT last year (maybe the year before) together. None of us had seen the show before and we were languishing in the cheap seats at the veeeeeeeeeeery back of the Warner. This time around we had much better seats (although a smidge too far off to the side for poor P), but we had the strangest thing happen.

We get through the first couple of songs and I can already tell I'm not going to love the performance but I'm looking for the good. Then we get to "Light My Candle" and all of the girls (and they were girls) in the row in front of us start looking around quizzically and I know exactly what their problem is. They switched Rogers mid-performance. This one is decidedly huskier and has a less prominent nose. There was never an announcement of any sort, just the ol' bait and switch. Granted, the first Roger's voice was straining big time during the first couple of numbers. Maybe he couldn't handle D.C. pollen.

MP2 has made a resurgence back onto the active knits list, but she'll likely be tumbling back into obscurity in a couple of days. I picked it to take to Sheep & Wool b/c I knew I had 5" of zigzag pattern and could do it without having to consult a pattern every two seconds. Hippo1 is on the verge of completion but I'm nearly at an impasse. I'm using a single large skein of Cherry Tree Hill (love love love this yarn) and I forgot to divide the skein before I started. This is a huge sock. Do I just bind off, trust that I have enough and cut it or is there some other miraculous way to tell if I'm going to have enough yarn?

Here's a better picture - hopefully - of two of the yarns I picked up last weekend. Tess's sock yarn and the Cormo Cross in Cathedral. There's quite a bit more purple in both of them - I don't know why I couldn't get it to photograph better.

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