Or not.

I'm back on KAL watch this week. Two hours of the Grey's Anatomy season finale can provide one with a lot of time for brainless knitting. I have 2.5" to go on Gigi until the next pattern shift. It would be great if I could have it all wrapped up by Memorial Day - and it's certainly feasible - but I don't know if I can manage to pull it off, what with my project fidelity issues.

I've managed to get through a repeat and a half of Hippo2 in the last 24 hours. I really like the Hippo toe better than the cast on toe of the Dublin Bay sock (which I've renamed Liffey* - Hol approves). Maybe I'll like Liffey's toe better once I've turned the heel and I'll have a better sense of how it fits. Anyway, I made a lot of stupid mistakes by simply not paying attention to the chart on Hippo. I think it's under control now, though I'm sure there's a wonky spot here and there.

Apparently I decided I needed another KAL that I can pursue at a snail's pace, so I signed up for the Knitting World Cup. My plan is to work on the Penobscot Bay hat from the Winter 2005 Interweave Knits staff projects page. I ordered the yarn that I may or may not be using for it today. I'll do a gauge swatch/practice round and see if that yarn is going to work or if I'm gonna have to order a different round.

I'm wiped after this weekend of workiness and this is NOT a good weekend to be run down. I'm skipping Pub Trivia again tomorrow night (sorry Patrick!) to have dinner with Waxler. Late night at KH Wednesday so Hol won't pout. Birthday outing Friday night for Shan and a couple of other parties on Saturday.

Stream of consciousness explanation: the River Liffey runs through Dublin and empties into the Dublin Bay. Since I'm reversing the pattern of the Dublin Bay sock, figured I'd rename it for the river instead of the bay it empties into.


Stick said...

Liffey? why Liffey? and how do you pronounce that??

knit_n_nascar said...

The River Liffey runs through Dublin and empties into the Dublin Bay. =) Liffey rhymes with Sniffy...