Okay, it's slightly mutated but I finished Kermit part 1. The toe grafting is a little wonky and of course I haven't woven in the end - I am still me after all - but it is all done. It'll prolly be a little while before I cast on the 2nd one. I'll prolly work on Inny and then Rose for the Olympics before I head back to the 2nd sock.

P & I spent the day in knitting mode. First we went on a field trip to Knit Happens where she got her first touch of Cashmerino (I think). It was love at first fondle so she decided to get some to make her own scarf with - she can't wait to start on it for the Knitting Olympics. After we left KH we headed back to her place and spent the afternoon watching part of The Truth about Cats & Dogs, The Breakfast Club and the first half of Super Bowl XL.

Knocked out a few rows of Inny this afternoon, too. There's still no way I'm going to finish the back before Friday but if I can knock out a couple more inches, that would be groovy.

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