To hell with stashbusting

Went to late night at Knit Happens tonight - I had to buy a needle for Rose for Friday. However, one little ol' Addi Natura wasn't going to be enough to get Hol's initials scribbled on my Insatiable Knitter card so I HAD to buy this yarn. Isn't it purdy? Will I ever make anything out of it? Well, that's always the trick question, no?

The crew at late night named the goat which roams through my room and gobbles up things I need - Igor. Of course, I immediately made the requisite Young Frankenstein 'EYE-gor' reference and we all giggled. Life's good with yarn and humor.

I frogged my last attempt at Soleil and dug out ye olde ball winder so I can make nice neat little bundles in preparation for Rose. I still feel like I'm missing skeins somewhere along the line, but I can't figure out where else they would be. I'll go digging through the usually hiding places tomorrow night and see if I find any double-secret hiding yarn. I know it's going to take more than six balls of Shine to pull this off. We'll see what I can dig up.

Last but not least, we have the mystery yarn. Between Inny and K2 and Rose and the rest of the crap I have on needles, I'll have to make the time to make something fun with this:

Yes, it's blurry on purpose. It just adds to the mystery.

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