I Did Not Have Knitting Relations with that Yarn

I came across a knitting blog while I was at work this morning where the blogger mentioned that they were 'Kwaning' the Knitting Olympics - dropping out due to injury or risk of injury. I have to admit, I'm right there with them. I've been moaning for at least the last 24 hours that my back and shoulders have been bothering me, as well as both forearms, so the common sensical people in my life have been telling me I should take the evening off.

This is how I spent my night - Thorn was strictly a spectator...really...I swear. Well, maybe I just knit a little bit. I mean, have you seen the neurosis-inducing countdown clock on the Yarn Harlot's page? What's a pinched nerve when faced with that? Okay, so the Olympics were over by the time I took that photo (it's somehow even more fitting that it was a Bond movie). I blog-surfed and IM'd and knit just a few rows of Thorn to stay in the game. I had a heating pad stuffed down the back of my shirt to attempt to keep my back muscles relaxed. We'll see how I sleep. Thorny's comin' along though - 11" down.

Tuesday night was the February Cheap Eats outing. Miko was the lucky bachelor dining with 4 lovely ladies: Jo, Joan, Elizabeth and myself. Elizabeth dodged the photo by going to place our order steak frites order. Jo attempted to take my camera to include me in the next round of photos - I'm sure you can guess how that worked out. We had a rather lovely red wine, escargot (already out of the shell, thank goodness), our respective steak frites and a tasty plate of mini assorted desserts. Good times.

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Stick said...

I was thinking of getting some BenGay to put on my shoulders for this weekend!