Year of the Sweater

Some time ago I decided I was finally going to try my Inishmore, but I didn't want to undertake a big ol' sweater all by my lonesome so I told all of my little knitting minions that 2006 was to be the Year of the Sweater. Since I get blamed for everyone's activities anyway, I figured I'd just drag them down with me.

Stick, not being remotely obsessive or compulsive, is already done with the back and one front panel of her Bolero Jacket from Debbie Bliss. On the opposite end of the spectrum, M & S haven't even chosen their patterns yet. M is on the verge of narrowing it down between a hoodie, a pullover and a cardigan, and S has some expensive, hot pink yarn that she bought last year and has no idea what she wants to make.

Me, I'm just waiting for my Snickerdoodle to get here so I can start on my Inishmore this weekend. Knit Picks claims it shipped yesterday so hopefully it'll get here by Friday. I didn't shell out for expedited shipping though, so I'm not holding my breath. I can at least show you what my practice swatch looks like. Not too shabby if I say so myself. I haven't decided if doing my sweater in a lighter color than the swatch is good or bad; we'll just have to wait and see.

Da Bears' playoff game is Sunday afternoon. I think VAM and I are going to head to Bailey's to watch it but I may bring my feeble attempt at a sock with me. Although I know the knitting community winces at the notion of taking yarn into a smoky sports bar, the fact that these suckers are going on my feet (which don't exactly smell like roses...all of the time) makes me a little more flexible.

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Stick said...

Hey! That's my sweater! But mine won't look anything like that!