This cannot be happening

So, Tuesday night I noticed my computer was a little squirrely so I decided to do the responsible thing. I toddled off to Staples after work yesterday and bought updated anti-virus software then dashed home to install it. Dropped the CD in the drive, clicked on cdstart, followed the onscreen directions, did the requisite reboot then....SPLAT.


Big pretty wildflower wallpaper and that's all she wrote. Can't access anything. Drives unmapped, extensions disassociated, the whole kit and kaboodle. It really just makes me want to cry. Not to mention kick myself for letting my system go so long without definition updates. There's no anger quite like that which is self-directed.

M had a simlar thing happen to her a couple of months ago so I'll be throwing myself on her mercy this weekend. Hopefully not all will be lost.

The only good news to come out of yesterday was flipping on restrictor plate testing last night and seeing JG and -immie tucked up nose to tail at Daytona. Just made me smile. Can't wait for Daytona. 38 days and counting.

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