Vegas, baby!

No, I'm not heading to Nevada anytime soon, but Chad & Jimmie are - in more ways than one. In addition to heading to Vegas for testing in two weeks, Chimmie is apparently going to be on an episode of NBC's show, Las Vegas, tentatively scheduled to air the first week of February. Mmmm, Josh Duhamel and Chimmie all in one episode. Good times.

After frogging 3" of Inishmore on Sunday, I cast back on Monday morning and have only gotten about 5" into it. I'm a slow knitter under normal circumstances, but this particular pattern takes me about 20 minutes per row and that's not counting having to undo the odd mistake. Once again, I performed a minor boo-boo while working on Inishmore and trying to catch up on Lost. How long will it take me to learn that the two just don't mix?

I swung by Knit Happens on Saturday afternoon so that M could get a replacement sheep and I could ask my sock mentor about those crazy backwards yarnovers. She said I was doing it right - YAY ME! - but as I was pulling the sock out of my bag to bring to work this a.m., apparently five or so stitches and yarnovers committed wooly suicide and leapt off the needle. If I have any chance of saving it, it will be under the flourescent lighting in my office. Surgery is scheduled for lunchtime.

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