Happy New Year!

Once again, I need a vacation from my vacation. Lake Anna was big fun with only minimal drama; for the most part, everyone had a blast and we're looking into group rates for Betty Ford or any other detoxing center of our choice.

Things I learned in the last 96 hours:

  • None of our brains work the same way and I think that's a good thing - Apples to Apples.
  • Nearly everyone cheats at drinking games
  • Motley excels at bodily functions
  • We all snore
  • 40 Year-Old Virgin is way funnier with subtitles on
  • None of us could ever chug syrup without becoming violently ill
  • For some reason, lying on a dock at o'dark-thirty in the morning is both a good idea and hysterically funny
  • After a while, blue tarps, baby oil and kitchen utensils seem like perfectly normal sex-essories
  • No trip is complete without hard hats/protective headgear: see testing KEG's protective gear or sliding down the steps headfirst on a cot mattress
  • It is possible to laugh your way to tighter abs - my gut is killing me.
  • Who needs shenanigans when you've got plastic wrap and aluminum foil?
  • We make excellent guinea pigs for Bang and Snatch's wedding presents
  • Next year's house needs more furniture and more bedrooms
  • Stick really shouldn't shoot tequila. Ever.
  • Do it!
  • I seriously overestimated the amount of quiet, knitting time I'd have at my disposal (but I did manage to get a little work done on my Hermione)

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