The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

...while also the title of a Clint Eastwood movie, pretty much sums up my weekend.

The Good: MY YARN ARRIVED!!! All that ceaseless worrying about having to actually complete a project I have on needles was for naught! Lainey's just gonna have to wait til the Inishmore makes me cry;

The Bad: I have got to attack my room. It's out of control. There are bills to be paid and software to be found. And the laundry. Dear God, the laundry; and

The Ugly: The laptop. I have no words for the fear and trepedation that my home computer situation breeds in my soul. Fortunately, Lauren & M may have some software that will make at least file salvage possible before beginning the arduous process of rebuilding the sucker from the ground up.

Wish me luck - on all of the above.

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