snow days

I spent most of my formative, school-age years in Central Ohio, which averages just under twice as much snowfall annually than my current residence in Northern Virginia. I distinctly remember waking up in the morning after a decent snowfall and watching the school updates scroll across the bottom of the tv screen and then sighing and trudging out the door when informed that Columbus City Schools were open on time.

I know we had the odd snow day, especially if the snow started a couple of hours before sunrise and didn't even pretend it was letting up anytime soon as it got closer and closer to the time when the busses needed to pull out to collect students. I remember thanking every god I'd ever heard of the morning after pulling a near allnighter in high school trying to finish an English paper or college essay or something (procrastination is not a new development in my world). But by and large, snow days were few and far between and we had to have some serious downfall in order to procure one.

Now, maybe I'm just a little bitter because I work with not one, not two, but THREE school teachers and all three of those slackers is home today because we got an inch and a half, MAYBE two inches of snow last night. So far, J's winning the School Day Slacker competition (she had Tuesday off, too!), with S and S2 following up with one day apiece.

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