Down with the man!

I'm so annoyed at my insurance company.

My doctor put me on The Pill b/c I was having a teensy-weensy couldn't-stop-bleeding-to-save-my-life issue last month. Groovy, rock and roll, go drugs go, all taken care of. I just went to refill the script before going home for the holidays and the !#$%&^* pharmacy won't do it because insurance won't cover it before the 23rd - which would be fine except my flight's on the 22nd.

So my choices are:
- refill and pay for the whole thing out of pocket (which is no big deal b/c my !#$%&^* insurance company only springs for $1.71 anyway); or
- hold off and refill when I get home and go through the whole Pill song and dance with my parents (assuming, of course, that the pharmacist at home doesn't have a moral objection to refilling my prescription)

I loathe the system.

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Stick said...

My insurance company makes my doctor write a RX for my monthly drug for twice the milligrams, and I have to cut them in half.