Happy Chrismukkah!

With all the napping I've been doing lately, I haven't quite had the time (nor inclination, really) to do any blogging. Ohio has pretty much been the thrill-a-minute it always has been. Thursday passed without incident, just yarn store hopping. Friday was pretty tame for the most part. I met up with Tom, his girl Sandra, her friend Mike and Jon-Jon for drinks at a cool new bar called the Surly Girl Saloon. We had a couple of drinks and some munchies there before I headed home around 2. As usual, my mother started the evening by not only giving me the "Be careful out there" speech, but told me to call home THREE times during the course of the evening. I'm sorry, Ma. I can handle big, bad Washington, DC - I'm pretty sure I've got a handle on Columbus.

By and large the evening was a lot of fun - the only sour spot was at the end of the night when Tom told me I wouldn't be invited to their wedding. First off, they're not engaged yet, but they're on the verge - she was "hoping for hardware" by the new year. But when I was finally able to talk to him when she wasn't around he said he was basically doing it for her and it would probably be super-small - just family. I can respect that, I s'pose, but it still hurt my feelings a smidge. Once more, proof positive that he means more to me than I do to him. Then again, he could've just been getting me back for all my chit-chat about NASCAR, country music and the fact that I don't totally dig France.

We didn't drive down to Dayton 'til this morning. Something about strained sleeping arrangements since my cousin is currently living with my grandmother. A handful of family just left so the house is quieting back down again. I'm sure things will pick back up tomorrow - my uncle is supposed to come back by for sure.

Countdown is on: 36 hours til my flight leaves for D.C.

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MelyssaF said...

well, if you're not invited to the "wedding", such as it is, do you have to get them a wedding present? How rude!