Feliz cumpleaños a mi

Today's Birthday Dec. 28: It's your year for maverick moves, some of which won't even make sense to you. But you have an idea, and enough faith in it to fall forward - someone will catch you. January brings a historic encounter. Family figures favorably into finances. Investments in February are golden. Wedding bells ring in April. Libra and Scorpio are adoring partners.


Let's reflect on how very wrong this entire horror-scope is.
  • Maverick moves - oh yeah, that's me all over.
  • Family figuring in finances? - well, if you count the money I got from my grandmother for my birthday, I suppose that's not entirely cracked.
  • Investments in February? Is that when I'm buying my plane ticket to Italy?
  • Wedding bells in April? I don't know who they're talking about but it's certainly not moi.
  • The only Scorpio I know is Dr. T and the only person he's adoring is S (and I don't even know if she's a Libra), so I'm not sure where they're going with that either.

So, insane horoscope aside, so far it's been a good day. My boss took me to lunch, I got the aforementioned $ from my grandmother (which went straight into the vacation jar), I got the NASCAR pets calendar from Rebecca (Killer and Junior are hanging on my wall as we speak), and I get to hang with friends and food tonight. I'm just hoping they don't break me too badly - I do have to work tomorrow.

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