Five days down, 35 to go

Until we're all washed away, that is. Starting last Thursday, it has done nothing but rain rain rain rain rain. Actually, "rain" doesn't fully encapsulate what's been going on here in the Mid-Atlantic. Thunderstorms, torrential downpours, MUDSLIDES for goodness sake! And, of course, the Rio Garfield has reappeared in our basement. Good to know we'll always have our own water source in case of emergency. Fortunately our lovely concrete floor slopes gently towards the oh-so-attractive hole in the basement where the water pump thingy lives so we don't end up with three feet of standing water like friends of mine. That'll ruin your whole day.

I'm still packing my brain chock-full of World Cup-py goodness, but I'll spare you the gory details, especially of the Portugal-Netherlands match up. Suffice it to say, I think the Uruguayan ref from the U.S.-Italy game and the Russian ref were trained at the same academy.

Fortunately, my knitting hasn't suffered during my 4-hours-a-day-of-soccer-viewing. I decided that the best way to address my infidelity issues was to...well, to cast on another project of course! I realized I'd been dragging my feet on starting Joan's b-day present...Actually, that's not true - I realized Joan's birthday was in 8 days, so I cast on
Mookie Pi. We shopped for the yarn a while ago and I just got around to casting on yesterday. I was a third of the way done as of bedtime, so maybe there's a
fighting chance I'll finish it before the deadline. *snicker* Right.

Sittin' in the middle of Mookie Pi (I just like typing Mookie Pi) is Ugly Broad, take 2. I decided to cast on again with a larger needle so that the 'sock that doesn't so much rock' has a fighting chance of fitting over my calf. It's taking all of my willpower to stick with the crummy size 4 needle I already have and not use this as an opportunity to go drop another $15 on a new Addi Turbo. Now that I'm committed to D&H's European Vacation, I have to be a little more budget conscious.

Have I mentioned how much I hate road courses? I won't say anything about the result of yesterday's race at Infineon, I'm just saying that I really could've slept for that 4+ hours and been fine with it. Snoozeville. Next week is Daytona though. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve restrictor plate racing. Bring it on! Must find project that won't require me to look at my hands too often for next week's knit & NASCAR - you can't look away from the tv for long at Daytona.

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