It was the best of times...

...it was the worst of times.

Today was the big day on the ship - we stopped at our first port of call (Costa Maya, Mahajual (?) and it was also Cathy and Kevin's wedding day. First things first.

We got off the ship around 10:30 or so, fought our way through the first level of people seeking to get our hard-earned cash and took a shuttle bus to the TINY fishing village of Mahajual (I know I'm spelling it wrong, I'm going to have to fix it later). We walked the 3/4 mile from one end of the dirt road to the other, enticed and encouraged all the way to stop in and eat/drink/buy/bargain for any and everything. You'd think a single gal walking with 6 guys could've gotten a purchase out of one of 'em but nada - you'd think chivalry was dead or something.

At the end of the dirt road there was this little grass-roofed beachside bar with swings for stools and ice-cold XX. Our friends the Jenns, Pete and Arthur were already there so we decided that was a good enough spot to stay for a while. We spent the entire afternoon - well, until 2:30 - sitting in the crystal clear waters of the lagoon, drinking cold beers, sunburning our noses and laughing about what we'd be doing at work if we were back in D.C.

We scurried back to the ship to nap and change before the 5:30 wedding of C&K up in the Skywalker Lounge. Things got started a little late but Kevin was handsome and Cathy was gorgeous and Captain Nick Nash married them without (or with) a hitch. As soon as they were prounounced, I bolted for my room.

See, the Skywalker Lounge is this immense structure built port to starboard across the top of the ship. It's the 17th or 18th floor and stretches across like the top of a T. We hit some rough weather yesterday and the good ol' Skywalker was shimmying and shaking like there was no tomorrow. Normally I wouldn't say I'm prone to seasickness but I think the combination of a tummyful of Dos Equis, an earlier pitstop at the buffet and the non-stop movement of the Skywalker just pushed me over the edge. Unfortunately I missed a great deal of the reception b/c I was Dramamine-ing in my room, but I did make it back upstairs in time for their couples dance. I wish them all the luck and love in the world.


MelyssaF said...

Glad you're having fun... sorry you got sick! :(

Stick said...

I MISS YOU!!! I wish I were there! I've been having a rough week emotionally 'cause I know that I'm supposed to be on that ship with you (and with Matt - which is what is making me nuts). I'm glad you're writing in during your trip. Please tell everyone hello from me! Have fun!!!