The (airfare) Gods Must Be Crazy

So, I'm pricing out airfare to buy my ticket back to good ol' Columbus for Christmas. So, I do the usual song and dance: Expedia, Travelocity, Independence Air. Then I check out America West - I used to fly them back and forth home back when I first moved to D.C. and they used to have pretty good fares out of National.


One thousand eight hundred and seventy U.S. dollars. If I fly out a day earlier it's $2025. WHAT?!?! I keep looking for the fine print. Am I somehow renting the plane? Is it business class for the all of 65 minutes of the flight? Is it a private jet? And it's not even direct! There's a plane change in NYC! Even better, if I fly out of Dulles, it's $4129 with the baffling routing of Dulles to Pittsburgh to NATIONAL to Laguardia to Columbus.

What are these people smoking?!?

Let's see where I can go for less (same dates):
$791 - Paris
$574 - London
$943 - Rome
$950 - St. Petersburg, Russia
$1414 - Rio
$1030 - Athens
$827 - Oslo
$1025 - Reykjavik
$1140 - Madrid

I rest my case. These people are insane.

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