To blog or not to blog...

I have 10 days to finish Jenny's blanket. This is it at 87% done. In an ideal world, I'll have it done by this weekend, but that would mean knitting all the way through Martinsville Oddly I've found that hard to do between the scanner, the chat room and actually watching the race. I am SUCH a dork.

$340 Million PowerBall?!?! I may have to play on my way to work tomorrow. Can't hurt to give it a whirl, although it would mean ending my streak of whining about not winning the lottery without actually playing it.

Stream of consciousness continues: an ad for the DVD release of Batman Begins just came on. This has bugged the crap out of me since I first saw the movie earlier this summer: did the screenwriters of this movie NOT WATCH the first Batman movie? I mean, they totally ignored the whole Jack Napier/Joker/Jack Nicholson "Ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?" killer of Bruce's parents. What gives? I mean, I know the original came out 16 years ago but are we supposed to have totally forgotten about that? Apparently so.

I'm watching the Colbert Report - it's hilarious!

My friend Steph IM'd me today - just add her to the list of friends that aren't in close proximity that I've totally slacked on staying in touch with. Maybe someday she'll read this blog and realize that there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING going on in my life worthy of reporting.

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