Sushi and Cake and Flair, oh my!

Last night my friend Melyssa and I went to dinner in Arlington. Originally we were going to head to Rock Bottom for burgers and beer, but the line was so long we decided to go to the japanese restaurant next door. We missed out on drunken frat boy people- watching, but what we saw between our miso and our entrees nearly made up for it.

Flair bartending.

The Flair Bartenders' Association defines flair as "...the act of flipping, spinning, throwing, balancing, catching bottles, drinks, and various bar tools while in the process of making cocktails." Think Cocktail without the Beach Boys and Tom Cruise. As a matter of fact, I think Cake's cover of "I Will Survive" was playing in the background. It was AGONIZING. After seeing what all the hubbub was about, we just turned back to our meals and giggled. Mature, I know, but it was absolutely ridiculous. The only thing that was going to save the evening was stopping for ice cream for dessert. Mmm, cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker crumbs and cherry pie filling. Gotta love that Cold Stone Creamery.

Today was only slightly less eventful. After spending a lazy Saturday in bed, it was time to dig out the rain gear and head to RFK for the DC United game. What a waste. Lost 2-1 due to some stunning non-calls bythe ref. I hate to lose to anyone, but I despise losing to the MetroStars. Ah well, at least their folks that travelled got to see their boys win. Currently watching the U.S.-Costa Rica World Cup qualifier. Today's clearly not my day for soccer. Or college football for that matter - ugh, PSU.

Tomorrow is the race at Kansas (Go Chimmie!!) and the field trip to Baltimore to go see STOMP! I can't wait! Fortunately I have Monday off work, so I can sleep in a little bit, but I'm going to the Caps/Rangers game in the afternoon. Hopefully I'll have some time to knit some rows on Jenny's baby blanket in the next couple of days. I'm nearly 2/3 done and I have another 3 weeks til the shower. I'll try to take a picture tomorrow.

Time for bed, just one last thing: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

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