This cannot be happening!

So, I thought maybe it was time that I caved in and took a picture of my snazzy candy Lowe's War Wagon, not to mention my 48 car air freshener and ballpoint pen (with the helmet top). So, I dig up my digital camera and open the lens cover - nothing. I'd JUST replaced the batteries a couple of days ago, but I decided not to go nuts and just popped in a couple of other freshly-charged batteries - nada. Pulled the batteries out of the tv remote - zip.

WHAT THE $%&^*#@!?!?!?

I'm trying to remain calm and fully recharge the batteries and try again tomorrow morning before totally flying off the handle. I seriously cannot afford to buy a new digital camera before this trip, but I can't go on vacation without. UGH! I suppose I could get a totally craptastic $100-150 one just to get through the trip (because I really need that extra expense).

I talked to the bride-to-be earlier today. Apparently Cozumel (or maybe just the beach club where the wedding was supposed to be held) doesn't have electricity and the cruise line may be re-routing to a different port because of the damage to the pier done by Wilma.

For the record: I would RULE the Name that Tune DVD board game with classic 80's videos. Just so you know.

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MelyssaF said...

For the record, you know about my competitive streak and my love of 80's music... so you've as much as thrown down the gauntlet! GRRR!!