Just got home from seeing Stomp! in Baltimore. It was FANTASTIC, as usual. This is the third time I've seen the performance and I just love it everytime. The first time I saw it was in San Francisco maybe 6-7 years ago with my friend Steph, when we fell in lust with the lead. The second time I saw it was in D.C. at the Warner Theatre. This time, in Baltimore, the object of Melyssa's and my affection was Khalid. By the end of 'Hands & Feet' we were in luv. Yummmmmmmmmy! Jeremy was a close 2nd, but by a long shot. His pic online doesn't begin to do him justice.

My only pet peeve of the night was the people who felt that the "no photography" rule didn't apply to them. There was a woman in front of us who just whipped out her digital camera and kept snapping off pictures. Why do people do that?!?

Three-day weekends are supposed to be for catching up on all sorts of things: sleep, reading, laundry, dishes, bill-paying. I've done NOTHING! And I'm looking to keep my streak alive with a trip to MCI Center tomorrow to see the Caps v. Rangers. Whatever you do, don't call me Sporty Spice. Maybe Spectator Sporty Spice...

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